The Staff

Robynn Baijius  (
Accommodations Manager

I’ve been with ESS since May 2016 and have been at Firebag Village since December 2016. I’m one of the lucky ones that travel to and from beautiful Vancouver Island. If you don’t see the curly hair and glasses just listen for the laughter; that’s where you’ll find me.

I am responsible for managing Accommodations which includes the Housekeeping Team and the Front Desk/Hoteling Associates. I also provide relief for the Food Services Manager.

I am all about the feedback! If you have anything you’d like to suggest, comment on, or ask about, please feel free to reach out and contact me.
I look forward to meeting you. Welcome to the Village! Enjoy your stay.

Joel Carriere  (
Recreational Coordinator & Courier

I have been at Firebag since March of 2012. I have completed my Recreation leadership diploma, and am also a BCRPA certified personal trainer, as well as a group fitness trainer.
I work as backup to Lukasz for Recreation and Entertainment activities and facilities at Suncor Firebag Village. I help out on the Front Desk and Hoteling Facility, and as Courier, transporting goods to/from Firebag from Suncor Baseplant site and Fort McMurray.
Feel free to email me anytime or ask for me at the Front Desk.

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